Aranda del Duero Town Council deploys 272 Urbiotica parking sensors in its Smart City project

The city council of Aranda del Duero joins the Spanish cities that install parking sensors in their desire to become smart cities. The local council seeks to improve mobility with this innovative technology, based on reducing by 30% the traffic that is estimated to circulate in the center of the city in search of parking spaces.

This ambitious Smart Cities project was included in the renovation of the regulated on-street parking management (allocated to the operator EYSA), with a clear objective of reducing pollution and driver discomfort, as well as to boost local commerce through improved mobility in the center. The concessionaire commissioned the integration of the project to Dinycon, an engineering company specialized in mobility solutions, who in turn chose Urbiotica’s technology as the basis of the data collection that today feeds the entire system implemented.

“We have tested other systems based on image analysis technologies, but they were not as mature as Urbiotica’s solution. We have also examined wired solutions with the same objective and we had problems with the civil works, the maintenance and the precision of the system. This is why we finally chose Urbiotica’s solution, which is easier to deploy thanks to its autonomous sensors, which have a useful life of many years. We have already worked with the Urbiotica system for several projects and it has been proving to us that it is reliable and works very well”

Roberto Garía, CEO of Dinycon Sistemas

Dinycon commissioned Urbiotica with the 272 U-Spot sensors needed to install in the parking spaces of the regulated parking area with the mission of sending data in real time to the system of variable message signs and applications for users and managers, provided by the integrator. The data captured by the sensors is transformed into useful information to transmit the availability of free spaces in strategic points of the city, so that the driver can go directly to the area with parking possibilities.

According to Roberto Garcia:: “The system works well. The panels transmit information accurately and you can see an improvement in traffic in the center and a better efficiency in the use of parking spaces”.

This new system has clear benefits for the citizen. The streamlining of parking translates into a better experience for users being able to move quicker and more comfortably to the area, involving less stress and lower fuel consumption. In addition, it means an improvement for their health, both in terms of the reduction in the pollution generated by vehicle emissions as in the noise caused by excessive traffic.

On the other hand, managers are able to have real-time data on mobility in the area that allows them to plan and define improvement plans. It optimises the use of parking spaces and has greater control over the regulated zone. The citizens are satisfied with the improvements implemented, as well as the local commerce that sees the results in an increase in the affluence.

“The city council is delighted with the system and satisfied because it represents a technological deployment that positions Aranda as a pioneering smart city in the region.

For Eysa the deployment of the system is also positive. The concessionaire of the regulated parking area confirms that they have noticed improvements and the parking areas are being used much more. With this project they see an increase in the use of the parking area and therefore they see an improvement in the results and an economic benefit of the exploitation.

The citizen is now becoming familiar with the changes and in an adaptation phase. In towns like Aranda, citizens have their customs and have to adapt little by little to the changes as they see the benefit of using it.”

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