Leaders in the Brazilian market    

After several projects installed with Urbiotica’s technology in different Brazilian cities, we confirm our leading position in the country, together with our partner GuidePark.

So far, more than 2,000 U-Spot sensors have been installed with projects carried out in Gramado, Bento, Cachoeiro de Itapemirim and Río Grande. In addition, we are currently adding new projects and extensions of the existing ones, which involves the installation of 5,000 new sensors. The solutions implemented aim to guide vehicles directly to the available parking spaces through variable message signs or mobile applications. This is how the time needed to find a parking space is reduced and, consequently, it also reduces traffic, chaos and associated pollution. In some cases, the use of paid parking spaces is also monitored to reduce fraud, significantly optimizing surveillance management and increasing the rotation of parked vehicles.

Citizens in turn benefit from these improvements because in addition to enjoying a cleaner and more organized city, they have real-time access to information on parking availability that allows them to plan their day-to-day life much more efficiently.  

After more than five consecutive years of collaboration with Urbiotica, Marcelo Buzzetto, director of GuidePark, talks about his experience working with the Catalan company: “What impressed me about Urbiotica was the constant support received from the company and its involvement in solving our queries. Moreover, having worked with Urbiotica on previous projects, I can confirm that we have never had any problems with their technology, it has always worked as it should. That is why we are very satisfied, since thanks to them we have the technology we need and, at the same time, assistance and involvement in our projects”. 

After more than 5 years of collaboration, GuidePark and Urbiotica have consolidated their position as leaders and benchmarks in the Brazilian smart parking market. Marc Boher, Urbiotica’s CCO, states that “working with partners such as GuidePark is a pleasure because of the high training of their teams and their in-depth knowledge of the Brazilian market. We provide them with the technology and the support needed so that they, who know the market very well, can easily deploy it in their area”. 

Want to talk to an expert? We can help you improve mobility and parking control in your area.  

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